1 New Car, Two Days, Three films! 

It's not everyday that an entirely new line of vehicle is launched at BMW and the first impression the audience gets is incredibly important. BMW wanted to introduce the New 2 Series with a series of films under the strap-line 'Release The Rebel'. Which as a creative starting point was incredible, your mind can come up with any number of socially orientate materials fitting that brief! BMW wanted social content and educational content from what we would end up shooting which included a competitor comparison. So we had the budget come through (deep breath...) and went away to formulate a solution to shoot three films that would cover off everything BMW wanted (and a little more). To accomplish this we needed some essentials; a driver and a place to drive. Both needed to work for each of our three films. BMW's ambassador program was able to supply us with a very credible driver, in this case Three times world touring car champion Andy Prialux And the track needed to befit both driver and car so where better than the fastest track in the UK; Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit! We had one day with Andy... So we needed to split the days making sure we got the most out of him for the time we had. A bit of a whirlwind day for him I'm sure, one minute he's is giving a fairly straightreview type commentary on the car, the next he is being asked to scream his head off whist sliding round the track. Here is a quick run down of the day with Andy... In car cams are rigged, Andy does an in car review. Next reset the cameras and Andy does a fastest lap. Next... costume change! Andy back in the car screaming his head off. De rig in car cams. Costume Change. Andy is asked to act like he is 'in love with the car'. Costume change (which we shoot). Then some heroic entering and exiting the car out on the track 'Top Gun Style'. Costume change! Then finally Andy shoots his non 'Top Gun' shots getting in and out of the car. The second day... still as hectic. Getting all the exterior shots of the car on the track... Tracking vehicle, up and pasts, mini cams etc... The result... check them out below!!  



A fast paced intro the New BMW 2 Series. A socially orientated film with a distinctly 70's aesthetic. It's all about the relationship between driver and car. An awesome driver (Andy Priaulx) and a fast track (Thruxton) showing just what the New 2 Series can do.

Social FIlm/educational

A 'hot lap' around Thruxton with the New BMW 2 Series. Driven by Andy Priaulx; he shows us just how the New 2 Series handles around the super fast corners of Thruxton. A mini map is used to orientate the viewer and give a visual guide of how to attack that circuit!   


Three times World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx compares the New BMW 2 Series against the competition.