BMW M2 and m4 gts at Anglesey 

Fast Cars, Coastal Circuit, Drone 

We were ramping up to shoot some promotional material for the New BMW M2. Great stuff! I had this idea of a fast and loud track edit that would suddenly pop in to a super slow motion macro shots of the wheels. Everything would drop into slow motion and these macro shots would have super imposed graphics showing the power of the M2. Everything was shaping up nicely. We would go to coastal circuit Anglesey, bring out the drone and hope for a sunny day! It was going be pretty full on! Then BMW rang and asked if we could squeeze another car into the shoot. Usually this would cause some slight concern, the schedule was pretty crammed already and we were already committed to the M2 concept. However the car that BMW wanted to 'squeeze' in was the New M4 GTS. You cant say no to that! And we didn't!

It was a sunny day, 2 cars went around the track, no seagulls were harmed by the drone and we made two incredible films... Check them both out below.  



A dynamic film introducing the New BMW M2 and the power it packs. Using a combination of Drone shots, slow-motion and graphical elements to tell the story of one particularly fast cars lap around Anglesey Circuit.

Social FIlm

The incredibly rare and powerful M4 GTS takes on a lap of Anglesey Circuit with an edit that takes on the style of a Rocket launch. Seems fitting.